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What's New? Upcoming Events

Move & Connect
Monthly Collective Moving Space

Peer Supervision 
Learn from Each Other and Grow Together
Monthly Learning Space

15th & 16th October 
10am - 5pm
22nd July 2021
7pm - 8pm

25th July 2021
2pm - 3:30pm
(Adelaide Time)

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  • March - Workshop Announcement "Move & Connect" Here

  • March - Newsletter No.16 

  • February - Newsletter No.15

  • January - Newsletter No.14

  • January - Body Mapping Workshop Conducted in Adelaide



  • December 13 What's New - Body Mapping Workshop Announcement

  • November 21st: Newsletter No.12 Quarantine and Hikikomoris   

  • October 14th ワークショップ「ムーブメントとアートで2020年を振り返る」

  • September 23rd: Newsletter No.11 Good Bye to London and Hello to Adelaide!   

  • August 1st: Newsletter No.10 A Right to Play- Children's Wellbeing during the Pandemic

  • July 3rd: Newsletter No.9 Babies and Toddlers' Mental Health during the Pandemic

  • June 23rd: オンラインクリエティブムーブメントワークショップが定員に達しました!

  • June 18th: <NEW> Video of Body Mapping out Watch

  • June 14th: <NEW>​ One-minute video that explains what dance /  movement therapy is all about English - Click here 日本語-ここをクリック

  • June 5th : Newsletter No.8 Ending 

  • <NEW>​ワークショップのご案内:オンラインクリエティブムーブメントワークショップ

  • May 24th : Newsletter No.7 Boredom!

  • April 5th : Newsletter No.6 Acknowledging feelings in Self Isolation

  • March 1st: Newsletter No.5 Encountering Body Mapping 

  • February 1st : Newsletter No.4  My Journey of Dance Therapy Training

  • 4th January : Newsletter No. Happy New Year - Read here 


  • 1st December: Newsletter No.2~ Passion for Dance and A Sudden Goodbye ~ Read here

  • 1st November  : Newsletter No.1 ~ Mioi's Journey in India~ What has it led to my therapeutic profession?  Read here

  • 21 October : Starting a monthly newsletter soon! Please subscribe it. It will be about my therapy work and workshops.  Link to the newsletter subscription- http://eepurl.com/gHaEWT 

  • 8 October: Update on Body Mapping Page here