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~ Autumn~

Nurturing and Harvesting Inner Self

Deeply Connect with your body 

Move and Be Moved

Colour your somatic experience

23rd and 24th April 2021


Read about body mapping.

Venue: Belair Church Hall

( 29 Sheoak Road, Belair Adelaide SA 5052)

Fees : $500

Booking Essential : info@intertwinebodymind.com

Download the flier 


Mioi Forster-Nakayama, Dance Movement Psychotherapist, a professional member registered at DTAA (Dance Therapy Association of Australasia)

Vanessa Daughtry, Clinical Counsellor with PACFA. Creative, Somatic Approaches. Trauma-informed. BAVisArt, GradCertCous. GradDipCouns. MCP

We will be entering autumn soon as you notice the daylight gets shorter and see leaves fallen everywhere. Time to nurture and harvest yourself. Time to deeply connect with your body as you trainsit the season.


You are invited to explore body sensations by moving or staying still and express yourself creatively on a body-size page, using art material. It is a personal journey to understand about yourself and your body. The space is safely and non-judgementally held for you to express however you would like to. You may find a connection with others or differences that are all regarded and respected. Read more about body mapping.


You are not aiming to create a “nice” piece of artwork. You do not require any artistic and moving skills or experience. Your bodily felt senses and feelings matter.

A glimpse of what it is - Click Here

You can claim 12 hours for your CPD (Category A,PACFA)


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