What type of NDIS funding can be used to access dance movement therapy?

Self-managed and plan managed

How much does a session cost?

I follow ​the NDIS price guideline. My service is categorised under Therapy Support of the Capacity Building. As I am registered as a professional member of ANZACATA, it is 15_610_0128_1_3 (Assessment Recommendation Therapy or Training). Please see more details here. 

What is the procedure?

I will send you a service agreement where you need to enter your details. From there we will commence therapy. 

Do you provide a therapy plan?

Yes. I will specify our therapeutic goals and objects for your reference. 

Do you provide an NDIS report?

Yes. I believe that when you particularly review your NDIS plan, you will need a support document that explains how dance movement therapy has been helping the participants. I will discuss this with you in details beforehand.