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Body Mapping 


"I attended this workshop with the intention of learning a lot of tools and techniques to support my client work...And of course I did. But what I didn't expect or prepare for, was the personal discovery I went on over the two days and the journey inwards to better understand myself. Although the idea of intense personal therapy sounds daunting, the reality is that it was nurturing, supportive, tender and spiritual. I felt guided by skilful, caring and wise facilitators. Thank you Mioi and Vanessa. " (Participant, 30s)

Body Mapping is a workshop where you explore body sensations in your body by moving or staying still and then express yourself creatively on a body-size paper by using art material. It is a personal journey to understand about yourself and your body. The space is safely and non-judgementally held for you to express however you would like to. You may find a connection with others or differences that are all respected and regarded.


It is important to know that this workshop does NOT aim to create a "beautiful" piece of artwork, instead, truthful marks on the page. You do not require any artistic and moving skills or experience.  

Your body matters.

Your bodily felt senses matter.

Your feelings matter.

Your expressions matter.

See more images at Gallery.


What do you do in the workshop?

You will be guided step by step by the professional psychotherapist(s). You will be invited to warm up your body parts to start getting in touch with your body sensation. You may move on your own or with others. Once your body is ready, we will do Body Meditation where you will be invited to sit, stand or lay down to deeply get into a body sensation. Body Meditation invites you to deeply explore any connections with any body parts that may take you to any arising images or shapes or colours. 

With a felt sense in your body, you will put this onto a piece of A4 size paper. Then you may choose to share what you have experienced by talking or just showing the picture you have drawn or keep it to yourself.

You will be invited to cut a paper for your desirable size and then mark a body line with the help of the other person.


Once the outline is done, you will start translating the felt sense into colours and objects.


You may occasionally choose to come back to a felt body sense through posture or the A4 drawing as it is important to create a map through your body sense rather than making a “nice” piece of artwork.


Aim of Workshop

You may

  • Understand about yourself better and more positively

  • Acknowledge about yourself / who you are (were)

  • Become more self-confident and comfortable with yourself

  • Become creative

  • Discover a new self

  • Connect body and mind

  • Learn self-care

  • Receive support from other women 

  • Support other women


What you need

You need comfortable outfits for moving, and also that can be stained.