Dance / Movement Therapy


Dance / Movement Therapy (DMT) is body and movement based therapy that aims to integrate body and mind. DMT is a fun, sensible and creative approach and provides a safe space for you to explore different movement and understand inner sense. DMT is for those who may want to nonverbally communicate rather than speaking. It is a non judgmental, creative and independent process. 


  • Discovering  a connection between body and mind through movements

  • Grounding bodily through breathing 

  • Reducing anxiety

  • Providing an opportunity to enhance imagination and creativity

  • Establishing a relationship with others



Therapist ​invites you to start with a warmup to loosen to loosen muscles and awaken the senses through gentle movement and breathing. You are encouraged to move as authentically as you may feel; there is no teaching of steps or set movement. You do not require any skills or experience of dance. You are allowed to be still if it feels to you that is what you want to do. We may use props such as cloths, ribbons, balls, objects and so on and sometimes sounds and voices are accompanied. At the end of the sessions, you are invited to verbally reflect on the session or draw or paint to express any arising emotions.

Space and Safety

Space is vital for building a therapeutic alliance between you and I, the therapist. The therapeutic environment has to be contained, spacious enough for movement, and friendly. Safety for you is a top priority; in this current situation, Covid-19, I offer online sessions. 


Prices may vary according to your earning status. Please contact me. 


Cancellation Policy

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