Mioi Forster-Nakayama

(Just in case you wonder how my name is pronounced.......It is mee-oi!

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I am a dance / movement psychotherapist registered at the Dance Movement Therapy Association of Australasia (Prof. DMT Reg. No.220-03), UK Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy (No.1299) and Japan Dance Therapy Association. My approach is psychodynamic, humanistic and integrative. I use movement and arts as a means to understand unconscious thoughts and emotions. I am based in Adelaide, South Australia.


I believe movement can express more than words do and a way to connect body and mind. I provide you with a safe space to gently breathe, ground the body and explore movement or stillness. I move with you in empathy, witness your movement, and listen to you with non-judgemental views, regardless your gender, sexuality, races or religions.


Before coming to Australia, I clinically worked in primary school, special needs schools, a pupil referral unit, NHS mental health hospitals and charities in the United Kingdom and Japan. I specialise in working with children with Autistic Spectrum and Learning Disabilities and offer them structured movement sessions. I have also worked with women with post-natal depression and anxiety who could make the most of the sessions, creatively exploring movement and connecting with the other women with similar symptoms. 

I have also completed the Somatic Body Mapping Mentorship under Annette Schwalbe (UKRDMP, UKCP) and became a somatic Body Mapping practitioner conducting body-arts combined workshops for women. Recently I have offered the body mapping sessions to young refugees in England.  

Before the U.K., I worked in India for 11 years; I co-founded an arts school for street, working and bonded labour children, rescuing them from streets, educating them in various art modalities, and putting them back to school (You can see my child labour photographs here). I discovered the strength and healing power in arts through this work and decided to become a movement-based therapist. In 2013, I moved to London to be trained as a DMT. Since then, I have worked with various population such as young people with mental health issues, women with postnatal depression, adults with extremely socially withdrawn syndromes and so on.

Area of Clinical Interest

Children and young people with special needs such as Autism and ADHD

Young people with emotional, behavioral issues

Asylum Seekers

People with socially withdrawn syndromes (Hikikomori)

People with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues

Women with Post-Natal Depression 

My other interests

I am passionate about working creatively with young people from different cultures. I have a big dream to mobilise young people in Hiroshima or India or Australia to do cultural exchange to educate them in various topics such as nuclear free world, environmental issues, racism, and gender equality and so on. I hope to continue to deliver my services for those who need in Australia and Asia.